Enigmatic singer-songwriter Frank Ocean discussed his new luxury jewelry line, Homer, during his first interview in two years with Financial Times. Located at 70-74 Bowery, New York, NY, the collection is exclusive to in-store purchase.
Five years after the release of Blonde, Frank Ocean is stepping into the jewelry industry with his 25-piece pop-luxury collection. Ocean described Homer as “the father of history, and history is meant to endure – the same as diamonds and gold.”
The collection, which includes silk scarves, is introduced in an 84-page catalog shot by Ocean and longtime collaborator Tyrone Lebon. Prices range from $395 to a whopping $1.9 million.

courtesy of Homer

The collection pulls inspiration from 90’s graphics and that of Takashi Murakami, featuring hand-painted enamel and lab-grown diamonds. According to the press release, Ocean’s collection was inspired by ‘childhood obsessions’ and ‘heritage as a fantasy.’
Ocean spoke of these childhood obsessions during his interview, citing his mother and father’s ‘Princess Diana jewelry’ and ‘luxury-lifestyle magazines’, respectively. He has noted in previous interviews his experience growing up in poverty in New Orleans, and how antithetical “Super Rich Kids” was in comparison.
Ocean, born Christopher “Lonny” Breaux, also referenced his surname, which dates back to 1718 when enslaved Africans were brought to the area by the French. “It’s never lost on me that I don’t have access to my real name,” he tells FT. “I can’t trace my heritage back that far, which is why I am interested in creating things that are mine, stay mine, and belong to my family. Things that I can pass on.”

courtesy of Homer

Despite humble upbringings, Ocean reaffirms his place in fashion and jewelry, with Financial Times taking well into account the lack of Black creators in the luxury industry. As ground-breaking as its debut is, Homer is not Ocean’s first time partaking in a fashion campaign. Ocean has had a long-time interest in fashion, and modeled for Prada’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection. A collaboration with Miuccia was also teased via his catalog, which features a bucket bag and sea-foam green anorak.
Though Ocean has eluded social media for some time, his Instagram is no longer private, suggesting a newfound digital presence. Sharing his thoughts and appreciation for Homer on a rare Instagram story, Ocean wrote, “Hand on my heart, this project has kept my mind moving and my imagination turning throughout it all. All of my work now is dedicated to my family. Everything.”

via instagram: @blonded

We can expect to see the well-hyped jewelry line being sported by fans and celebrities alike, and excitedly await further collaborations from the innovative artist.