I wrote a sappy Instagram caption about how I kept a journal of the highlights of each day in March. 31 tiny boxes filled with a sentence or two about what I did and enjoyed that day. I have to say, it’s really helped me see the bigger picture. Too often, I focus on the things gone wrong and reflect on the time passed as sour and boring. I’m glad I don’t see the past month that way.
Every single day has something great to offer – and no, I don’t say this to be ‘fake positive.’ I mean it, genuinely. Being able to focus on the upside of things has given me a kick.
I can tell I’m getting confident in myself and what I do, in all aspects. I sometimes have my doubts about writing and dim it down to being nothing more than a hobby, but I really do enjoy storytelling and know that it’ll always be a part of me, much like being a student will. That being said, missing university and screenwriting led me to enroll in a class at Script Anatomy! While it’s fully remote, it gives some semblance to a writers’ room and I’m grateful for that.
The goal is to create an outline for an original pilot, one that I brainstormed on the couch while snacking on bubble tea mochi. While I’ve been working on two other original pilots in the meantime, it’s nice to have structure to it all and have very intentional deadlines that keep me on track. Regardless of what comes of it, two things are certain: 1) I can do whatever I set my mind to, and 2) I get to walk away with, at the very least, a solid outline.
In other news, and speaking of the same confidence, I finished my first V6-V7 route! My bouldering gym marks these with a red dot, and labels them as ‘advanced.’ I got my membership the last week of January, so it took about nine weeks to get there.
There’s definitely people who get there in far less time, but who cares. For having little to no finger and grip strength, I think I’ve faired pretty well. Honestly, I’m surprised climbing has become an activity I spend so much time on. When the weather is right, I’ll start roller skating again and have to balance the two. I’m okay with that.
March also had career opportunities to offer: I interviewed with 3 new companies and had a total of 6 interviews within the span of a week and a half. This was particularly shocking to me given the fact I’d normally have to apply to 100 places to even hear back from one. Regardless of the outcome, I’m so proud of myself for becoming more articulate in my speech AND remaining true to my character. Sometimes I feel all too robotic in my answers and it’s so unlike me, I’m glad that’s something that’s being worked out.
I’m excited for April, and while I won’t be keeping the highlights of every day, I’ll be sure to focus on them as they happen. Cheers to Daylight Savings (I love it, idc) and Spring finally taking Winter’s place.